2nd Installment of New Video Series: Naps for the Common Good August 28 2014

After the very first (Episode 2) installment of ARF's new video series, Inside the Lens, we are dizzy about unveiling the second, which is--of course--Episode 1: Hello, It's Me,Your Refrigerator. Why?

READER NOTE 1: Based on your interest in Episode 1, our automated Personalized Content Algorithm suggests you may also enjoy the pilot (Episode 2) for this series, Candor Crush.

READER NOTE 2: Simultaneously, however, our automated Humility Algorithm indicates that you are equally likely to (a) grumble with disappointment, (b) coo with bland contentment, or (c) stare blankly in stunned silence. 


    The photo under discussion--scrutiny, more like it--is available here.