Dixieland! When the Saints Go Marching In August 30 2014

Hear those New Orleans horns? That's right, it's a Dixieland funeral, and that means a party! We're here to celebrate the life and times1 of this gorgeous moth, who died of natural causes and was delivered to me by a lovely man who understands these things.

If you guessed it to be a Eumorpha pandorus or Pandora Sphinx2 moth, you win a prize. A good one. Send me your address, and I'll mail you some ice cream.


1 "Times" means about a month "on the wing," as moth people say. (As for what the moths themselves say, I don't know, because moths use a different alphabet, making their books hard for me to read. I'm working on it, but give me some time, people. I'm a slow learner.)

2 As a group, these Sphingidae moths are commonly known as hawk, hummingbird, or sphinx moths. This one looks similar to another species sometimes called a Grapevine or Virginia Creeper Sphinx (also called a Hog Sphinx, a name I regret and dislike but feel compelled to report, as I am the interwebs' #1 source for moth information).