In the Key of Now: Future-y! September 04 2014

I was trying to think of something deep and profound to say about this "concept photo" I took last weekend. But then I thought, Hey, there's already writing in it. That's right, Brave and Tender Hearts,this photo came pre-captioned. Technology is amazing! Besides silver jumpsuits of the future, what will they think of next?  2, 3

 1 Did you know that's the name of my official fan club? (HINT: If you start the fan club, please call it this.)  
 2 I vote for them to invent dark chocolate spaghetti with cheesecake sauce. (Be right back. I'm applying for a patent.)
 3 True and earnest, for once: The antique keys are from my grandmother. As she aged into her 80s and 90s, she begged people to take their own lives seriously by telling them, "If there's something you want to do, do it now." See how the progression of flowers shows the flow of time? Do it now, before you lose your petals.