On the Wings of Ice Cream September 09 2014

Friends and countrymen1, this little cicada had already left her body by the time I found her on the lake shore yesterday. When I held her up to the light of the cloudy sky, what I loved most was seeing how banged up each wing looked while still looking pretty much intact for flying. That little folded-over tear on the inside of the right wing must have smarted a bit, but we know it was for a good cause2.

1 Don't worry: When I say "countrymen" it's not language bias, because it also includes dogs.
2  I found out later that the injury came from a tussle over ice cream (black cherry/dark chocolate) left over from movie night. With a stunning combination of ferocity and grace, she fought hard to save the last pint for her nephew, who was having a party the next day.