A Yellow (Submarine) Ring September 22 2014

Engaging Opener:  Did you know that chrysanthemums can hold their breath under water? I didn't either, but I dearly hope that's true, because this one was in a sub-aquatic photo shoot for quite some time. (Sorry, mum lungs.)

Viewer's Guide to This Photo:  In the inner circle are small river stones and a fall mum blossom, all resting at the bottom of a clear glass bowl filled with water. The yellow-y ring is the top of the water line and a 360-degree reflection of the creamy flower. 

Key Life Lessons:  Reflections (and physics) are magic. Bring them some ice cream!

Question to Check Your Progress:  Speaking of physics, is it possible to love science too much? (ANSWER: Who would even ask that? Where are we?)


     P.S. Here's a little more underwater magic. Also, here.