Siblings and Cicadas: My Favorite Architects September 26 2014 3 Comments

Serious Friday: Today, it's just the straight stuff: All true. (What? Should I see a doctor?)

Preview: By pure luck alone, I am related to all of my favorite architects either by blood or by spirit. My architect brother amazes me. In a different way, so do architect cicadas.

The Back Story: There are better and worse reasons to be late. A few days ago as I walked to class, I spied a very recently deceased cicada on the sidewalk. I sent her some love and kept going but then thought about her fate: What would become of her there on the sidewalk? In a fit of hubris, I turned around, scooped her up, and brought her home .

The Photo: During the after-school photo shoot, I found that her banged-up wings, when arranged just so, turned into the most beautiful Gothic arch this side of the Mississippi 2. 

1  But first I had to get to class. As I walked in late, I tried to hide the little cicada from my students, knowing that some would be grossed out by the bug-ness of it all. But those brave adventurers -- some of them wanted to see after all. Everyone gets an A!  
2  In the second, small photo, you can see how the tips of the wings originally protruded. I magicked them out for the top photo.

P.S. For the cicada-hungry (you know who you are), here are more cicada wings from a few weeks ago.