Keeping My Head in the Game October 01 2014

Friends and enemies alike have noted that few things1 make me as happy as stomping around in the woods with a camera.

After returning from just that kind of woodsy-stomp-a-licious tour today, I noticed that there was something, um, foreign in my hair. Burrs! 2 

Starting now, these little green beasts are my new measure of woodsy success -- tangled, joyous reminders of hours spent dipping low to the ground, kneeling and crouching to get just the right angle for seeing tiny things up close. Pardon the selfie, but this burr-studded love is just too big to contain. 

1  Obvious exception: Caramel.
2  Dear urban, non-woodsy types: A burr is a prickly seed (usually brown or green) with wee jagged teeth, allowing it to get tangled up in all manner of rough surfaces, such as scruffy dogs. Or photographers. But definitely in things low to the ground. Probably so low as to seem unsavory to someone not already disposed to woodsy ways.