Schooled by the Universe (and a Frog) Again November 13 2014

Though infinitely lovable, my dog turns out not to be the most reliable photography assistant. A few days ago as we walked along a lake shore, I spotted a beautiful white heron standing alone in the distance. "Zoom lens, please," I said. My dog's simple reply: "Oops."

For a millisecond, I was annoyed but then remembered that he was only the substitute assistant. It would be wrong to hold him to regular-assistant standards1. And really, who needs a zoom lens anyway?

Less than a minute later, the universe answered my rhetorical question by introducing us to this dignified frog2. Seeming to enjoy the attention, she hung around for quite a while, nestled in the leaves -- with my dog, my camera, and my face hovering only one zoom-less foot away.


1  When I get a regular assistant, the first thing I'll do is set some standards.

2  Rana sphenocephala.You could just say "southern leopard frog," but Latin makes everything sound smarter.