The Many Faces of a Lakeshore December 18 2014

Wardrobe Background:  Getting my shoes muddy a few weeks ago for this shot made my day. I get that this sounds sarcastic, but it's true. My dog is the only one who really objected to the mess. (That last part about my dog is not true. Why, why do I lie? Shock value, I guess, because mud-averse dogs are basically unicorns.) 

Guided Tour of this Photo:  As I stood on the shore of a little inlet a few weeks ago, these half-underwater fallen leaves at the bottom of the frame caught my attention. Then on the lake's surface, I noticed the reflection of a single tree growing behind me, which you see in the middle of the shot. Still farther out, at the top of the frame, were reflections of the tree tops from the other side of the inlet.  

Metaphor Out of Nowhere:  And the circle was complete.


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