Cyanotyp-ish: From Ann to Anna March 16 2015

I know you're ready to party like it's 1799, because on this day, in that year, Anna Atkins came into the world. 

A mad pioneer, she combined her expertise in botany with a (literal and metaphoric) vision for how a new "making pictures with light" technology could help advance science. Welcome the cyanotype. Atkins was one of the first to publish a book of cyanotypic photograms, creating images of what any reasonable person would start with: British algae, of course.

I'm not a cyanotypist or a cyanotypographer . . . or really even a cyanotypophiliac.

Still, I wanted to honor Atkins today, so the image on the right is a simulated cyanotype effect of a shy little flower standing next to an oak tree in the woods today.


(On the left is just an inversion, because I'm kind of -- you know -- artsy that way.)