One's Trash Is Another's Treasure: Squiggles Come Alive November 09 2018

It looked so beautiful, just sitting there . . . the delicate, narrow shaving from the piece of acid-free matboard I had just trimmed for a framing project. 

Before chucking the little scrap into the paper recycling* bin, I set it down on a piece of paper to admire its shape. There in the late-afternoon sun, it cast a long, spiral-y shadow with luscious curves.  


Obviously, I had to rotate the sliver a bit to see how the shadows would change.


Then I had to rotate it a little more.

And a little more. 

I blinked.

And then . . . this: 


That's one saucy squiggle.



* Financial disclosure: No one is giving me money for this pro-recycling public service announcement. What is up with that?