About Ann . . .

Some call me quirky, and to those people I say, Would you like more ice cream?

Quirkiness aside (sorry, not possible), my photos come from hundreds, perhaps gazillions, of hours tromping around in the woods -- finding big, outrageous color and shapes but also tiny things with their own lines and rhythms. You'll see little gems of nature both in their natural habitats and brought inside for studio shots.

I've been taking pictures for, um, a while now, and have been featured in solo and group exhibitions since 2011. In a great stroke of fortune, I live on the edge of a startlingly photogenic national forest in southern Illinois, an area called Little Egypt for reasons known only to the Pharaohs (and Wikipedia). I'm also a glad member of the Oak Street Art Group. For more: An interview



I welcome all of the following, preferably wrapped into one juicy message:
    • Inquiries
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    • Divinations
    • Tall tales ... especially tall tales
      But how? How? 

      RAQ: Rarely Asked Questions

      Is your Tiny Blog really so tiny? Many pictures, few words: Attention deficit-friendly!
      What if I need more words?   Try this interview
      Why so somber? Don't you have anything more light-hearted? No. Everything on this site is serious, unflinchingly raw, and steely. Like steel.
      Do I need these photos in my life -- more than ice cream? Yes, because this
      Why ARF? Love dogs. Can't help it. Coincidentally, this name/initial thing: Ann R. Fischer. 


      You can find more photos at ARFphotography.etsy.com and on my Tiny Blog