Sample Abstract and Still Life Images

Abstract in Black and White. (Let's just call this one "nature related" for now. But for adventurous souls, contact me to guess or find out what it is.)

       Ann R. Fischer, Abstract in Black and White,


Everyday Minimalism:



Cicada Wing Mandala:



Sun Ribbon Through Curtain:

       Ann Fischer, Sun Ribbon Through Curtain


Cicada Wings: Gothic Arch: 


Persimmon in Spoon on Black:


Underwater Persimmon Reflection:


Spent Mimosa Tree Blossom:


Spent Clematis Blossom:



Daisy Petal Tentacles:


Green Egg and Bluet Blossoms:



Underwater Yellow Mum and Rocks Reflection:


 In the Key of Now:


Snail Army [not really; they're cactus needles]

       Snail Army, Cactus Needles, Ann R Fischer,


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