Cicada Wing Mandala

$ 59.00

Where I live, a special brood of cicadas emerged a few years ago, after living 13 years underground. Thirteen! Given this hero's journey, it's no wonder that cicadas are symbols of hope, resilience, and new beginnings. You see now why I had to make this wing mandala*.

No cicadas were harmed in the making of this mandala. After meeting their fates at the paws of nature, they leave behind only these wings** to admire. 

DETAILS: You will receive a top-quality finished piece, ready for hanging, assembled by professionals whose only jobs are framing. Your piece will include:

  • The image of your choice, professionally printed on archival lustre paper with premium archival inks. The print will be professionally mounted onto foamcore to help prevent wrinkles and slippage over time. Your print will NOT have the watermark shown here.
  • A classic black frame, made from 100% solid wood, hand-crafted in the U.S., and measuring approximately 3/4 inch in width around the mat.
  • A classic white mat with a black core (to visually separate the white image from the white mat), made from acid-free, archival, rag fiber paper, measuring approximately 2.5 inches wide around the photograph.
  • PLEASE NOTE that with 2.5 inches of matting around an image, the proportions and overall look of the piece will change depending on the print size you choose. SEE INDIVIDUAL ROOM PHOTOS to get an idea of this, as well as to see the final dimensions of the outer frame for each size print.
  • Strong, high-quality acrylic glazing. This is less likely than glass to shatter, it offers UV protection for the artwork, and it is crystal clear (without the greenish tint that glass sometimes has).
  • Sealing paper over the back of the piece to help protect your piece from dust and moisture.
  • Hanging hardware pre-attached to the back of the piece.



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